Welcome to Nation of Dragon

Nation of Dragons was formed on Alliance December of 2012 and Horde October of 2013. We originally were made up of a handful of family and friends. While leveling many alts to obtain A Class Act, we picked up more friends along the way. We have a dedicated group that runs Mythic+'s early Saturday morning, and others who run them during the evenings & weekends. In 2020 we started to include raiding in our mix. We are small a small guild, but all guilds must start somewhere. In time we will improve our guild rankings, grow our numbers, and become one of the greatest guilds on Bronzebeard-Shandris and Khadgar/Alleria/Exodar/Medivh.

If you are interested in joining Nation of Dragons, we will welcome you with open arms. We are a lively bunch of people in Discord. Come join our guild or community, and then join us in Discord.

Regardless where your journey takes you, remember to have fun and enjoy the game.

Dragon Empress

Alliance Cassielee-Bronzebeard frost

Horde Nicolle-Khadgar protection

Aspect Council

Alliance Arinadimana-Bronzebeard arms

Alliance Chelin-Bronzebeard restoration

Alliance Elsafirebrew-Bronzebeard enhancement

Alliance Fulmin-Bronzebeard elemental

Alliance Kyraellina-Bronzebeard holy

Alliance Lyselionia-Bronzebeard beast mastery

Horde Reynard-Khadgar outlaw

Alliance Tonarin-Bronzebeard guardian

Alliance Whitehole-Bronzebeard protection